JL & Sons Homewatch Serving Naples Florida

Greeting another satisfied homeowner-client

JL & Sons Homewatch LLC in Naples, Florida is proud to serve the greater Naples area. We are a family owned company that provides the utmost in integrity and professionalism.

Naples has always been a vacation destination whose many visitors have decided to make it their permanent home or second home. As a second home, during the winter season residents are able to enjoy the warm climate and all the amenities this town has to offer. During the off season these same residents leave and return to their primary residence in the North leaving their Naples home vacant and mostly unattended exposing it to unwanted visitors and potential damage by the tropical elements. Home watch is designed to monitor the residence and insure that the investment in the vacation home is maintained and secure.

Naples is located in the tropics providing high temperatures, high humidity and strong storms throughout the spring, summer and fall months subjecting all residences to mold, mildew, wind and rain damage. Leaving a home unattended during this time can cause damage from all noted above. The majority of topical storms and hurricanes allow time for the home to be secured. Our home watch concierge service can prepare the dwelling prior to the storm. After the storm, we will inspect the home, take photos, report to the homeowner and work with the owner to take care of any damage to the property.

Home Watch is a visual check of an unoccupied property looking for obvious issues.

Our service includes regularly scheduled visits to the residence with a detailed check list custom to each client’s needs and request. We pay attention to detail on each and every item we inspect. It is not a quick walk through and leave. We take the time to run all the faucets to make sure they work and the drains are open. We flush all the toilets to provide fresh water, reducing the potential water chemical stain on the ceramic. The air conditioning system is checked for proper temperature and the overflow system is dry. Refrigerator and freezer opened to inspect the contents left behind and to make sure the ice maker is in the proper setting. Walls, ceiling and floors are checked for signs of water leaks. The interior of the garage is checked for unauthorized entry and that the automobiles, motorcycles and golf cart are secure. These are just a few of the things we look at as we do a complete interior inspection.

Outside we walk the total perimeter of the dwelling for signs of possible vandalism or weather damage. This could be on the roof, windows and any exterior doors. We monitor the condition of the pool and jacuzzi, screen cage along with fountains, docks and boats that are on the property. A broken sprinkler head can damage plantings and alert the public that no-one is at home. We pick up any flyers or newspapers to insure the home does not appear vacant.