Our basic service includes the following for the inspection of the interior and exterior of your home:

Home Watch – Interior
Water shut off – This is to help reduce the possible flooding inside the residence
Security Alarm – Activate/deactivate check settings
Air Conditioning – Maintain temperature requested and check for any malfunctions
Electrical Panel – Check for breakers that may have tripped
Insects – Inspect all rooms for pest/rodent intrusion
Water Heater – Turn off at breaker panel when away
Refrigerator/Freezer – Inspect units, contents and ice maker
Faucets – Run clean water in sinks
Sinks – See that drains are clear
Showers/Tubs – Run clean water and check drains
Windows/Doors – Secure all windows and doors and check for leaks
Garage – Check for intrusion and moisture, inspect automobiles, motorcycle, golf cart etc.
Ceiling/Walls/Floors – Check for signs of water leaks, mold & mildew

Home Watch – Exterior
Exterior Inspection – Walk entire perimeter of property looking for signs of attempted entry, window and door damage, roof damage etc.
Screen Cage – Look for damage
Pool and Spa – Check for proper operation and water levels
Fountains – Check for proper operation and water levels
Boat/Dock – Look for intrusion and check security
Irrigation – Look for broken irrigation heads causing damage to plantings
Front Door – Check for door hangers, flyers and packages
Driveway – Remove newspapers/debris
Mail Box – Remove any mail


Our Concierge service is designed to customize additional services to the client’s needs. These services provide personalized service requests such as the opening and closing of the residence, some grocery shopping, errands etc. When leaving for a few days, weeks or the season we can bring in the outdoor furniture, cushions, closing blinds and shutters and many other tasks.

With the concierge service the owners have the option of arriving to their vacation home opened, set up and refreshments in the refrigerator so they can immediately begin to enjoy their stay.

Closing Service (day after departure)

  • Remove patio furniture and or cushions to secure area to keep clean
  • Close storm shutters and blinds
  • Take waste dumpster to street/return next day
  • Turn off water heater
  • Deactivate ice maker

Deliveries – Receive scheduled deliveries
Service Tech – Meet plumber, electrician, AC service, TV provider, etc.
Security Alarm – Respond to alarm calls
AC Filters – Change filters monthly/bi-monthly

Opening Service (day before arrival)

  • Return and set up patio furniture and or cushions
  • Open storm shutters and blinds
  • Grocery shopping for fresh basic supplies
  • Turn on water heater
  • Activate ice maker

Errands – Run errands
Vehicles – Start vehicles per request
Custom – Customize service provider